2017 Review: #FavouriteFour

06 Jan 2018, Posted by Elliot Hook in Blog, review

My first attempt at a review of 2017 ended up being pretty wordy, with no images, so this post is intended to rectify that somewhat. The trend this year, on twitter at least, seemed to be for photographers to share their #favouritefour images from 2017….

2017 Review

02 Jan 2018, Posted by Elliot Hook in Blog, review

Reaching the end of another year, it seems apt to look back at my photographic exploits for the last 12 months.  I do this each year, as a way to review my “progress“, but I haven’t gone as far as writing it up into a…

Sunday Morning White Out

13 Dec 2017, Posted by Elliot Hook in Blog, landscapes, trips

It’s been a good few years since we’ve had any decent snow here in Bedfordshire, especially snowfall coinciding with me being able to get out and shoot in it.  So last weekend, when a large portion of the UK had a good covering, I took…

Revisiting Puffins from 2015

03 Jul 2017, Posted by Elliot Hook in Blog, trips, wildlife

I’ve got another overnight stay on Skomer island booked in a few days time and, having stayed there twice previously, I thought it a good idea to revisit the images I took from my 2015 trip, as well as look at my puffin portfolio overall,…

Some thoughts on LPOTY disappointment

25 Jul 2016, Posted by Elliot Hook in Blog, competitions

This post isn’t written with any bitterness, just some reflection on photography competitions generally. It’s that time of year when I watch on as Twitter erupts with excitement at the receipt of LPOTY shortlist emails.  This is the third time that I’ve entered and not…