Autumn Woodland at Burnham Beeches

22 Nov 2019, Posted by Elliot Hook in Blog, landscapes, trips, woodland

As autumn seems to be on the way out, with mornings growing colder and trees shedding the last of their leaves for another year, I’m left reflecting how I seem to have spent the best bits in the car on the way to work rather than out amongst the trees.  I was fortunate to have some free time a couple of weeks ago though and so, with a favourable looking forecast (read: mist), decided to head down to Burnham Beeches; an old beech woodland in Buckinghamshire.  I hadn’t visited this woodland previously, but was thoroughly spoilt with good range of autumn colour, good leaf cover and a few hours of mist.  I was expecting mature beech woodland, but there is so much more on offer with little pockets of heather, ferns and silver birch dotted all over the place.  There’s even a cafe too – which is always a bonus.

Anyway, enough chatter, more images…

autumnal beech tree woodland photograph

Photograph of path through an autumnal beech woodland

Autumnal beech tree woodland photograph

Photograph giving a closer crop of tree canopy showing the pastel colours of autumn in the leaves

Photograph of birch tree in autumn

Photograph of birch trees in autumn woodland glade

Photograph of autumnal trees amongst heather, disappearing into the mist

And probably my favourite from the morning, showing the full spectrum of leaf colour from green, through yellow to red…

Colourful autumn woodland photograph

  • Annie innes
    October 1, 2022

    Would very much like to purchase a print of the autumnal walk through the path in the woods scene. Could you let me know of that’s possible


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