Infrared Photography with the Hoya R72 filter

20 Dec 2015, Posted by Elliot Hook in guide, landscapes

I find myself really drawn to infrared photography. There is something about the naturally high contrast black and white images that IR can produce that just aren’t possible when shooting normally, with the visible spectrum. This is especially true in the landscape where foliage can…

My Back-Up Regime

01 Aug 2013, Posted by Elliot Hook in guide, workflow

I’m a firm believer of ‘backing up’.  If someone mentions that they suffered a hard drive failure and lost all of their images, but did not have a back up, I would not give them much sympathy and probably also ‘roll my eyes’ and give…

Isle of Skye Photography Guide (Part 2)

30 Jul 2013, Posted by Elliot Hook in guide, landscapes, trips

This is part 2 of my Isle of Skye trip report/location guide.  Please see this post for the first half. Neist Point Neist Point lighthouse is the most westerly tip of the Isle of Skye, and probably the longest drive I had to make to…