The Dolomites: Lago Antorno

20 Dec 2019, Posted by Elliot Hook in Blog, dolomites, landscapes, trips

Back in September, George Wheelhouse and I travelled to the Dolomites for a week of landscape photography.  We spent months researching and honing our itinerary, incorporating a number of rifugio stays (to try and maximise sunrise and sunset opportunities at prime locations) and campsites (to keep costs down) across the region.  I’m not going to go into any of the logistics/planning, like I did with my Laugavegur trail posts earlier in the year, as there is already plenty of information out there – it’s safe to say the most difficult decisions are how to fit everything you want to photograph into just a week!

Anyway, I’ve got plenty of images to share, and figured that I’d share them in brief blog posts centred around a given location.  First up: Lago Antorno…

We camped near Lago Antorno on our first night, to give us easy access to Tre Cime the following day, so we spent sunrise at the lake.  It’s a well photographed location, given it’s roadside accessibility, but it’s a nice spot none the less, with a great view of Tre Cime.  The pre-sunrise light was amazing, getting our trip off to a great start.

Sunrise at Lago Antorno in the Dolomites

The sunrise was short lived as, soon after the sun came up, it disappeared behind some cloud – unknown to us at the time, a theme for the week right there.

We packed up and headed down to Lago di Misurina to pick up some supplies but also spent some time around the lake photographing the trees and the view back towards Tre Cime.

Tre Cime from the shore of Lago Di Misurina

After this we packed up our tents and headed for Tre Cime, which I’ll cover in my next post.

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